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NBCThumbNBC Learn

UTEP is subscribed to NBC Learn, a premium collection of video resources, primary sources, images, and text resources designed for use in the classroom.


The UTEP Professional Development website serves as a centralized location to view and register for workshops and trainings that are being offered at UTEP through Academic Technologies and/or partnering organizations on campus.

InfographicThumbScience is Not Just for Geeks

Produced by Academic Technologies as part of the TeachTech program, this video series was designed to help students appreciate the importance of science in their daily lives, as well as showcase UTEP faculty who teach and work in the field of Science.


Ever wanted to locate a building or department on campus quickly? This app provides informative, interesting, and accessible information about the UTEP campus right at your fingertips. UTEP Maps includes a robust searching protocol, which allows a total of 624 possible search entries including official building names, classroom abbreviations, and alternative names for the location. Other features include: text to speech (TTS) and automatic speech recognition (ARS) software for voice controlled location searching, an algorithm to optimize and understand location misspellings or erroneous voice recognition results, and for an easy and fast search through the UTEP Directory a table view of all 230 searchable UTEP locations which filters to the correct location as the user types. All this is displayed in an interactive 360° view of the entire UTEP campus.


Reading Comprehension Modules

14 online professional development modules were created to provide reading comprehension strategies to college-level faculty who are teaching entry-level college courses across disciplines. The modules were designed to maximize interaction, provide “take-aways” for participants, and encourage college faculty to practice using metacognitive strategies to create an internal dialogue regarding their concerns with teaching reading comprehension strategies before they teach them.

VideoAudioThumbProject-Based Teaching and Technology Integration

Project Based Learning is a teaching approach that inspires students to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they are studying—with real world application. As John Dewey so famously pointed out, "Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." AT staff can help you think about how PBL and technology can work in tandem in your classes to achieve student success.


Inside AT Webzine

Inside AT is a collection of practical essays, relevant observations and insightful reflections from faculty and staff working on the academic side of technology at UTEP.


The mission of the El Paso Psychology Internship Consortium (EPPIC) is to provide a comprehensive training program for doctoral interns in psychology, in order to prepare competent psychologists and effective multicultural therapists. Academic Technologies created this website for the consortium.

Elements InterfaceELEMENTS Collaboration Interface

This innovative and intuitive classroom interface was designed specifically for our collaboration suite in the Undergraduate Learning Center, called ELEMENTS. The interface allows the instructor to easily setup various team stations throughout the room. There are predefined screen configurations in the basic mode. With the touch of a button, one can enter the advanced mode that allows customizable and more complex screen configurations. The classroom, in conjunction with the interface, fosters and supports teamwork. The room has been utilized by cross-disciplinary teams sharing workspaces to create innovative projects and students that help each other solve problems using technologies in a physical space that enables a high degree of collaboration.


Online Nutrition Course

The Online Nutrition course has been developed with the purpose of providing basic nutrition information to childcare personnel, parents, children, and the general public. This information can help in making better decisions about healthier food choices that could contribute to the adoption of a healthier lifestyle.


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