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Academic Technologies Summit - ATS

The Academic Technologies Summit features outside experts in the field of technology and presentations on issues, best practices, and emergent technologies that create new dimensions in teaching and learning. Presentations address the unique challenges and opportunities with the delivery, support, evaluation, and management of fully online, hybrid, and/or technology-enhanced formats, and demonstrate how the university uses and infuses cutting-edge technology for instruction.

InfographicThumbData Visualization/Infographics

Presenting data clearly and visually is now as important as finding it, and we know that visualization tools turn data into conversation. Data visualization enables “readers” to more intuitively understand what the data is communicating. This will include such visualizations as ascii art, various graphs and pictographs, and move into what is currently being used in the online educational environment such as word clouds, infographics, video infographics, and interactive charts.

LearningCommunityAcademic Technologies Learning Community Sessions 

Speakers are invited from across campus to share expertise, strategies, and pedagogical approaches in using technology to facilitate teaching and learning. Sessions are held every third Thursday (each month) during Fall and Spring semesters. The format is informal, conversational, with AT staff in attendance to answer any ongoing questions faculty may have. Membership is given automatically for any faculty teaching tech-enhanced, hybrid, or fully online courses.


Academic Technologies has partnered with Academic Affairs and the nonprofit organization No D.U.I El Paso to design a mobile app that will prove beneficial to both UTEP students and the El Paso community. This No DUI iOS mobile app will allow those in need of a safe ride home to send a request for a designated driver to No D.U.I El Paso command center. Using geo-location information, the app will provide the person’s location and basic personal information such as their residential address and telephone number. The first release of the No DUI iOS mobile app is currently being tested.


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