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Creative Studios (CS) collaborates with students, faculty, and staff to provide instructional applications and interactions, graphic design services, video editing, and custom application designs. Using everything from traditional illustration techniques to complex 3-D rendering and animation, Creative Studios (CS) generates striking and innovative designs to use in promotional and marketing materials, and/or informational material for the web, video screens, print, and mobile devices.

Creative Studios (CS) also specializes in creating attractive and functional online environments including, but not limited to, classroom templates, banners and animations, as well as developing electronic games and virtual worlds for instructional use. We are dedicated to exploring emerging technologies that can increase student engagement and lead to increased achievement in the classroom.

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Learning Environments (LE) offers new ways to expand, shape, design, and "envisioneer" the future of learning spaces. LE works directly with students, faculty, and staff to design the classrooms of the future; utilizing technological innovations, research and prototyping to rethink and re-imagine the connection and functionality students, faculty and staff have within educational spaces. 

As teaching and learning is about imparting and sharing knowledge, it is also about the context and the environment in which teaching and learning takes place,Learning Environments (LE) also builds custom conference/lecture participant experiences; integrating imaginative, customized interactions and technologies in order to create unique, participant-centered events. LE brings together a wide range of expertise in order to make the space/environment achieve desired outcomes.Our goal is to create a space where teaching is engaging and learning is rewarding.




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